988 Rebranding


988 is a Malaysian Chinese language radio station based in Malaysia. As a member of the Star Radio Group the station features a wide variety of contents. The station is targeted at urban and suburban listeners and exclusively targeted at professionals, managers and adults.


We were given the opportunity to work on another branding for 988. We received the brief to refresh the branding to the new branding direction that 988 is heading towards.


Inspired by the station’s capability to provide knowledge, create statements and communications in the community, the exclamation mark and “i” was incorporated into the logo design.

The alphabet “i” is universally known as a symbol of information. It is also a representation of ideas and insights that can be experienced by listening to the station.

The exclamation mark “!” symbolizes the experience of excitement, entertainment, It is also a representation of the communication or the exchanging of opinions and statements by the DJ and the listeners.

5-Logo Contruct GIF

The logo is trendy, flexible and easy to recognize and draws attention.


In a short time frame of a month we had successfully created logo design, logo animations, key visual, billboard ads, press ads and digital designs. Everything was finalized and the brandmark was launched on September 2018.