The DIMSUM project started since May 2016, to plan out and execute the entire branding campaign took a duration of half a year process. We were involved with their branding, pre-launch, launching campaign, festive season design, and event design. Joining the Star Media Group family at 2016, DIMSUM is a brand new over the top [OTT] service that provides a cue of the Best Asian Contents.

Its library of content includes movies, dramas, documentaries, variety and kids shows from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. DIMSUM makes it easier for viewers to search and stream Asian contents they desire over the Internet without hassle, as it is accessible anytime anywhere.

DS designs
DS Logo Color
DS Logo Concept

The name derived from a famously known Chinese cuisine Dim Sum. DIMSUM loosely translated to English means “selection of the heart”. The platform is meant to show a variety of Asian content and the viewer can choose to watch anything their heart desire.

The logo is inspired from the Mandarin characters of DIMSUM [点心]. The word Dian [点] means point or click, which symbolize the Play Button in the logo symbol and the Mandarin character of Xin [心] is transformed into a unique digital box symbol. The icon itself can bring the meaning “Play What You Love.”

Dimsum Business Card
Dimsum Letter Template
Dimsum Stream The Best Of Asia
Dimsum Lanyard
Dimsum Book
Dimsum Logo
DS a hand and a phone

We planned out and brainstormed according to client’s brief and devised a creative plan that will suit the client’s creative requirements and at the same time it is creative upon execution.

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