Pizza 185


The Pizza 185 is a Pizza restaurant that has their mission in their names.

1 is for a string of dough that represents the base that unites the food and the people together.

8 symbolize the infinite pizza and culinary creativity that will take your taste buds on a unique exotic ride.

5 represent the continents that Pizza 185 aspires to spread scrumptious, unique food and celebrate the happiness of every dish they create.


It was an absolute pleasure to begin a branding for a New Premium Pizza Restaurant. The client gave us creative freedom with a clear direction to help us with our creative process. Though we found designing with numbers is a bit of an obstacle for the designers still we tried our best to look through that and create a meaningful brandmark.

The client was very helpful and fast with feedback, which made the whole process move swiftly without any trouble. We were involved in creating their Corporate Identity System, Restaurant’s Environmental Graphic, Menu, Promotional Collaterals, Social Media Micrgraphics and Post.

P185 Logo Designs
Pizza Logo

The Brand Mark consists of a meticulously illustrated continuity of the number 185 as an icon to represent the company. It’s designed with a dough stringed together to form the “185” The brand mark in whole was designed for easy recognition and it is relatable to the nature of business.

The Pizza 185 brand mark is a significant visual representation of the brand.
Correct and consistent usage is vital when applying it in any instance in order to build upon a visually strong identity. The brand mark is created with 3 key components, the logo icon [185], the logotype and the design elements.

Pizza Boxes Design
Pizza 185 business card
Pizza 185 Coasters
Pizza 185 menus
P185 T-Shirt front&back
P185 Restaurant
P185 Restaurant
Pizza 185 Posters
Pizza 185 Poster Stand
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