988 is a Malaysian Chinese language radio station based in Malaysia. As a member of the Star Radio Group the station features a wide variety of contents. The station is targeted at urban and suburban listeners and exclusively targeted at professionals, managers and adults.


2018 marks the 9 years of having 988 as a client. The first branding project was to revamp their logo with a new slogan 最好听. In 2013 they redesigned it once more with the slogan 友声有色. Throughout the 9 years, we assisted the radio station to design program promotional collaterals, roadshow key visuals, digital campaigns, rebranding designs and the list goes on.

It all started in 2009 when we received a brief to redesign the logo and change the slogan to 最好听 in order to create a new image for the brand. In 2013, we were asked to change slogan back to 有声有色, and we took the opportunity to revamp the logo.

The design of the revamp logo consist of solid colors and a dark base for the logo in order to make it stand out from any placement at the same time it is flexible to be adaptable on busy backgrounds. The solid color and the slight merging of the number “988” made the logo stronger and one of a kind.