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Ditrolic Solar is known to be a leading full-service solar provider for residential, commercial, industrial and large-scale project owner with 20 years of experience in the Electrical & Mechanical System installation and turnkey design. The company provides solar PV system design, consultation, installation and monitoring services in order to overcome environmental impact of energy production and use energy source to replace the traditional fossil fuel while reducing the global CO2 emission.


The rebranding was a half-year project in attempt to create a new brand image that relates to their nature of business. The objective is to create easy recognition and to drive up the business.

The overall result was the brand image looks more corporate and sustains a positive brand image at first glance. The new corporate identity system produced included brand mark, name card, letterhead, envelope, signage, brand guideline, website, brochures, company profile, exhibition booth graphics, magazine ads, office wall sticker and web banner.

Dot Ditrolic Solar Logo
Dot Ditrolic Solar

Inspired by the nature of business as the element for the logo design, the corporate logo design has a square that represents solar panels. The placement of the font and the square are meant to give the impression that the company charges the solar panels. The colors implies that the company have strengths and peaceful.

Ditrolic Solar
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